Write For Nerdbot!

Would you like to write for Nerdbot?

Here at Nerdbot we are always looking for fresh takes on anything people love with a focus on television, comics, movies, animation, video games and more. If you feel passionate about something or love to be the person to get the word of nerd out to the public, we want you!

Come join our amazing team of geeky enthusiasts and start writing for us today! If you are interested in writing for us please check out the requirements below.

To Apply: Please send an email to [email protected] including 1-2 samples of your previous writing work. You can submit them in the form of a pdf, word doc or link your published articles in the body of the email. In the subject line state what position you are interested in like this “News Writer – Nerdbot”

If you do not have any published work please include a sample news blurb, movie review, or an opinion piece.

A few samples of similar articles to use as a reference can be found on the links below:






You can also browse the site to get a better idea of what kinds of articles we publish.

If you would like to pitch a weekly feature or a stand alone article state as such in the subject line, “Feature Pitch/Article Pitch – Nerdbot”

What to know about Writing for Nerdbot

  • This is an unpaid position. We are a group of passionate writers who bond over bringing nerdy news to the public.
  • The language we use in our writing is respectful.
  • If you commit to working as a news, TV or video game writer, you are expected to be frequently writing at least two or more pieces per week, depending on what position you choose.
  • If you write for us expect to love what you do! We are a community of writers who enjoy brainstorming and publishing together!

Other Requirements:

  • For all these positions we would like you to have have some knowledge of WordPress but if you do not, help can always be provided.
  • Photo Editing skills – cropping photos for header images. Photoshop skills a bonus.


Nerdbot Media is becoming one of the leading pop culture and driving media forces in the industry. Our articles, videos, fan films, original content and events reach millions of readers, viewers and attendees every week.

As a writer for Nerdbot.com, you will become part of the Nerdbot Media family. You are welcome to be a part of different aspects of the company, such as live shows, physical media coverage, premieres, filming, content creation, free access to our events and more.

We believe that being part of Nerdbot can potentially bring opportunities outside of just writing. Not just within our company, but with other outlets that respect our members and seek their talent.

Key Roles:

Lead contributor – Writes four or more articles/news blurbs a week with varying responsibilities. See Descriptions below for what you can incorporate into writings. In direct communication with the Editor and considered to be the go to help.

Contributor –  A contributor to the site would write three to four articles per month. Any original ideas are welcome. Top tens, best or worst lists are always welcome.

Opinion Writer – We are looking for unique outlooks and commentary on what’s happening in nerd culture. If you saw a movie that you weren’t too keen on or maybe it did everything right, tell us why! You can comment on anything from film to silly toys!

News Writer – Nerdbot is looking for people to write up news blurbs in a timely manner. For example if something breaks that concerns the fan community or you just see something interesting that you may have a hot take on.

Reporter – Help us cover out of state conventions and events. If you are going to something and want to spread the news about the event write about it!  We do overall convention reviews as well as panel write ups and event blurbs. Reporters are able to request press passes from the editor after 6 months of steady contribution.

Features Writer – You can pitch us a weekly or monthly column! We are ready and willing to expand the features on our site! For example if you would like to help contribute to our “2 Minute History Lesson” surrounding pop culture please do so!

Product Reviewer – If you love collecting toys, games or just about anything we would love your reviews. Bonus points if the item can be found on Amazon.

Comic Writer – Help keep our readers updated on what’s happening in the comic book world! We would like to have weekly write ups on your favorite series that you are reading already. Write up a quick summary for those who don’t have the time to read up on their favorite characters stories and save the day in your own way.

If you have any questions about any of these positions please email [email protected] with “Writer Inquiry – Nerdbot”

We look forward to hearing from you!