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Lava Dole Whip Has Landed At Disney!

There’s one Disney short that will always bring a tear to my eye. That being I Lava You

Yeah that one. I just remember watching it the first time and just crying a lot because I know my father-in-law would have loved to have watched this. And the singer reminds me of IZ. If you think I am lying please go look him up. 

There is one thing that I love at Disneyland that being a Dole Whip float, the perfect combination of pineapple sherbet and pineapple juice. Ah pure perfection. Though I am gonna say it, I am jealous that Walt Disney World got a new Dole Whip float inspired by this animated short. 

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You can order it with orange sherbert or strawberry sherbert, or go for bold and do a swirl of it floating in Fanta strawberry soda! And guess what it is topped with poprocks! I really hope this makes its way over to Disneyland here in California!
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