Not only has season one concluded today but Jon Favreau has just tweeted out that Season 2 already has a release date. We all thought a season two was definitely happening but now we know when!

He tweeted the release date of Fall 2020 which will be less than a year after we got Season One. The Mandalorian was one of the most appealing launch titles when Disney Plus came out December 12th. The creature that he posted along with the information is a Gamorrean. We’ll have to tune in to season two to see what the story is with this creature and whether or not they’re friend or foe.

Are you excited for this announcement? Tell us in the comments how you liked season one!

3 responses to “‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 Release Date Announced By Jon Favreau”

  1. I love the show!!! What happed to the good ole days when you had 20+ episodes a season!!! This upsets me about modern tv

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