Low cost cosplay is honestly one of my favorite things. Whether you’re repurposing an Amazon box or your splicing found objects together, it’s always going to be a delight to see in the wild. And if you really want to get some great ideas there are plenty of low cost cosplay ideas on Instagram. One user posted his latest cosplay of Baby Yoda which actually turned out really really good!

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Lonelyman and his nose #lowcostcosplay

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In the image it shows that you need a pepper, some underwear and green face paint. Obviously some sort of glue was used to keep the pepper on for ears. The nostrils served as the eyes and the upper lip was the clothing. The band on the underwear of course is the recognizable pod.

Whether you cosplay professionally or just for fun you can at least appreciate the craftsmanship here. It takes a special kind of mind to create something this wonderful. And mad props to whoever took the final photo. If he used a timer on a camera then he has excellent photographing skills as well.

If you try this out make sure to send your photo to [email protected]! And tell us how you did it!

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