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Ghostbuster’s Ghost Trap Cat Feeder is Perfect For A Chonky Cat

For the holidays we normally leave someone off of our list. And it may surprise you that, that someone who we tend to forget is always there for us. Sure they judge, sure they are a major pain in the ass, but hey they love us no matter what. And to me that is all I could ask for in life. And that someone is of course our pet cat(s). 

Yeah forgot about them didn’t you? That’s why I have a solution to a last minute purchase that needs to be had. But first, do you love Ghostbusters? Don’t you ever wish you could combine your love for Ghostbusters into something that your cat could use?

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If Industries has you covered my friends. They are always pumping out weird and very awesome gadgets and now they have made an automatic cat feeder that looks like a ghost trap from Ghostbusters!

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You can control the feeder with your phone so your chunk of a cat doesn’t eat too much. (Looking at you Mochi).

Unfortunately at this time it is not available for purchase but we will be keeping you updated on when they decide to upload this to their Etsy! Stay tuned!

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