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Say Happy Holidays With This Keanu Reeves Christmas Card

Did you know that for a mere $5 you could send someone the best Christmas card they’ve ever received in their life? CastleMcquade has a ton of cool and geeky cards that you can get and send to people that cost about as much as a card at Target. And are actually WAY cheaper than a standard Hallmark card(believe me I worked there). Plus the designs are way cooler. I don’t think Hallmark has a Keanu card, which is quite disappointing.

Artify – Square

What a wonderful sentiment on the card. “Have a Breathtaking holiday”. Great for someone who takes your breath away or just happens to love Keanu Reeves. Though it’s arguable that everyone loves Keanu, except jealous bitter people who hate when people are happy… Anyway, here are the deets on the card from the site.

” Have a BREATHTAKING Holiday! 4.25 x 5.5″ Clay coated 12 pt. premium card stock. White envelope included.
Available in 10 Packs HERE or in larger Discount Combo Packs, see shop for listings.

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Keanu Reeves Xmas Ornaments available HERE

So not only can you get this wonderful card but you can also get a really cool Ornament for your tree. And you can get a 10 pack so all your friends can enjoy and no one gets jealous. Because if they know that you gave this card to someone else and not them.. be prepared for questions.

You can check out CastleMcquade’s other work by following the link here.

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