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The Angels Renew Contract for Another 30 Years

Growing up I was always an Angel fan. Whether you still want to call them the California Angels, or the Anaheim Angels, or maybe you are new to this and call them the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (clever way not to break the contract if you ask me). My favorite player is Nolan Ryan. I know he isn’t with the organization anymore, and yes I wasn’t alive at the time, but I still loved to hear stories from my dad about him. My other all time favorite player is and forever will be Tim Salmon, the king fish himself.

When I had gotten the news that the Angels might move from Anaheim, I like most fans were on edge. Simply because, how the hell do you live your whole life and then all of a sudden your team isn’t there anymore? (Brooklyn I am looking at you for losing the Dodgers to LA) I talked with my dad and brother about it, and well they (mostly my brother) had some colorful language about it. I am certain my Grandpa Orozco was turning in his grave at the mere mention of his precious Angels moving. 

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Still we heard nothing for months and rumors came around that several cities had enquired about our beloved franchise. Until recently I would scour the internet to make sure that my team wouldn’t leave me. Then I saw this tweet:

Keep Going!
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Looks like our boys have reached a deal to stay for another 30 years! 

And now that we have Joe back home I am certain our boys will be better this year. Not like the train wreck from this last season, oy vei. 

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