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Tumblr Reveals 30 Most Talked About Pokemon of 2019

The end of the year means it’s time to think back on what things left their mark during the last twelve months. For Tumblr, this means compiling lists of the most talked about items for various categories. Tumblr covers a lot of different categories for their year end wrap-ups, including gaming. Topics are tracked based on their volume, meaning both positive and negative discourse on a topic is counted the same.

This year, Tumblr added a new category in the form of much beloved pocket monsters. That’s right, there is now an official list of what Pokemon are the most talked about on Tumblr. Hilariously, this list was started because of the internet’s love for a certain round and fluffy Wooloo. Amanda Brennan, head of content insights at Tumblr, says that seeing “Tumblr’s response to these new Pokemon [Sword & Shield] and the immediate “Wooloo is our baby vibe” ” resulted in them deciding to start this list.

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Let us all worship the glorious Wooloo!
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So without further ado, let’s take a look at what Pokemon came out on top this year.

  1. Pikachu
  2. Wooloo
  3. Sobble
  4. Bulbasaur
  5. Scorbunny
  6. Grookey
  7. Eevee
  8. Squirtle
  9. Mewtwo
  10. Charmander
  11. Meowth
  12. Charizard
  13. Vaporeon
  14. Gengar
  15. Yamper
  16. Umbreon
  17. Sylveon
  18. Incineroar
  19. Espeon
  20. Flareon
  21. Mew
  22. Corviknight
  23. Psyduck
  24. Jigglypuff
  25. Snorlax
  26. Lucario
  27. Jolteon
  28. Vulpix
  29. Rowlet
  30. Leafeon

Unsurprisingly, Pikachu remains the face of Pokemon in the number one spot. It is also not surprising to see fan favorite Eevee and many of its evolutions make the top thirty. Many of the remaining Pokemon on this list are either fan favorites from Pokemon Sword & Shield or were Pokemon shown in Detective Pikachu. It seems that Pikachu may want to watch out, because a certain round sheep may soon take the #1 spot.

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