Cesar Millan Reacts to Being Parodied on South Park

Millions of South Park fans were treated to a condensed performance of Cesar Millan’s iconic ‘Dog Whisperer’ techniques when an unruly Cartman goes off the rails during Season 10!

Lambasting the hit Nanny based TV shows at the time, South Park turns to Cesar in its time of need. That was more than 12 years ago and it turns out Millan himself got a kick out of it.

Cesar posted a video on his Youtube channel detailing the story of how it came to fruition, and compares their adaption of his methods and body language to what he actually does. All of which is freaking hilarious!

Back then I was all over anything South Park. And as a pet lover Cesar is a big as pet celebrities got at the time!

The episode itself is one of South Parks finest in both story telling and current-news parody. It’s become a strength, as well as their way of cleverly voicing an opinion on what could be considered a sensitive or controversial topic.

I advise anyone new to the show to view this episode as well as the rest of season 10!

May the rest of your day be Calm and Submissive!

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