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There is a Robot That Will Pick Up Your Dogs Poop For You

Are you tired of having to bend down and bag up that dookie? Then I have just the thing for you! There is now a new robot called Beetl that will hunt around your yard and pick up your dogs “gifts” for you.

Currently there are about 85 million households with dogs in the U.S. That means there is a lot of poop just hanging out because let’s get real, not all dog owners pick up the presents on other peoples lawns. Especially people with little dogs for some reason.. At least from what I’ve noticed. Anyway this little autonomous dog poop robot is here to save the day!

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As you can see it’s pretty nifty. This thing is basically like a roomba that will pick up dog leavings. Which is one million percent way better than a roomba.

Currently there is no information on how to get one of these awesome robots, but you are able to contact them through the official Beetl page here.

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