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New Pineapple Mountain Dew is Here!

Growing up there was one drink that could always make my day. It was called Cactus Cooler. There was a fresh pineapple taste to it that really made everything taste better. Anything Pineapple has always been a real treat and for a lot of people it’s one of their favorite fruits. Now we have word that Mountain Dew is adding a new delicious flavor to the mix. The new flavor will be called Maui Burst.

The flavor is a Dollar General exclusive which means you can’t find it anywhere else. People are already clamoring to the stores to get their hands on this new flavor.

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I found it! New Dollar General exclusive flavor of Mountain Dew, Maui Burst, “Dew with a blast of pineapple flavor”. This was set for release in mid October but, as usual with most releases, you can find it early with a little hunting. Pineapple might just be my favorite candy/beverage flavor so this is an extremely exciting release for me. I’ve been waiting patiently for a release of a pineapple flavor that actually tastes good and isn’t coconut watered down (I’m pointing at you Pineapple Orange Mango Kickstart. You NASTY). ~~~ Anywaaaaaay THE REVIEW: Upon cracking open the 16oz beauty of a can (my preferred size and container) you are definitely greeted with a pleasant, but not overwhelming pineapple aroma. The taste is pretty much the same. The pineapple is obvious but shares the stage well with the signature Mtn Dew kick and the “other natural flavors”. I give it a 8/10. I didn’t like it quite as much as I thought but this is no doubt a good flavor. EDIT: I changed my rating from 7.5 to 8/10. I’ve been liking it the more I drink it. Actually climbing up to a top spot for me. ~~~ Comparison (see 2nd picture): I went a little overboard and picked up some of my favorite pineapple sodas to compare. Honestly out of all 4, the Jarritos is still my favorite. It contains real cane sugar (as all Mexican soft drinks do) and that’s hard to beat. But, if you think the pineapple flavor is overwhelming in a traditional pineapple soda, Maui Burst is worth a try as the flavor is reigned in a bit. I will still be buying Maui Burst over Jarritos tho for now since they are only $1 a can and the container is bigger. Oh and this was my first time trying Goya’s take on the flavor. I’m not impressed. My least favorite of the 4. (Photo inspired by the great @mnmtwinz) ~~~ #MountainDew #MtnDew #MauiBurst #Pepsi #Soda #Jarritos #Fanta #Goya #HighFructoseCornSyrup #RealCaneSugar #Pineapple #DollarGeneral #RIPToysRUs #WhereInTheWorldIsCarmanSandyEggo

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