New ‘Trick or Treat Day’ Could Extend Halloween Celebrations

Remember that petition from a while back? The one that stated that it wanted to move Halloween to the last weekend in October? Well since people have pushed back they have decided to change the way they are doing things. Now instead of moving the day they are trying to add a national holiday. National Trick or Treat Day would occur on the last Saturday in October. They are asking for 150,000 signatures and at the time of this writing they are up to over 149,000. Almost there!

Originally I thought it was a stupid idea to change the date of Halloween but it grew on me. Now this approach makes much more sense. Now we have two days to celebrate! They are of course teaming up with corporate entities like Party City and other brands, but it still is exciting to think of what you could do on a whole Saturday! They are saying that you can organize parades, throw neighborhood parties(if you like your neighbors) and opt for daytime trick or treating. Which is a pretty great idea, because you get your kid all decked out in a costume and by the time they get to wear it it’s dark out and hard to see.

They are calling the new campaign #ALLoween and are supporting the all-day celebration of National Trick or Treat Day AND the time-honored traditions of Halloween on October 31st.

If you want a longer Halloween celebration you should sign the petition. Get off on the ground floor and make it one for the history books!

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