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James Franco is Being Sued by Former Acting Students for Sexual Harrassment

James Franco is being sued by two former students from his acting class. Sarah Tither-Kaplan and Toni Gaal say that his class encouraged nudity, sex, and the “pushing of boundaries” as he would dangle employment opportunities in front of them.

When the allegations first came out in 2018 he made a statement that “If I have done something wrong, I will fix it. I have to.” This occurred when he won the Golden Globe for his film “The Disaster Artist.”

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They are also suing RabbitBandini Productions, the school’s co-owner, Vince Jolivette, and its general manager, Jay Davis. The women say that he charged extra for an additional class called Master Class: Sex Scenes where the actor personally taught. They state that he would personally remove protective vaginal guards and simulating oral sex during an orgy scene. Franco would also get visibly angry when the women refused to go topless and made them sign really vague waivers about consenting to be naked.

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This story is still developing. No one knows if anything will come with it but the fact that it has been filed in the court is bad news for Franco. His lawyer declined to respond to an inquiry from the Hollywood Reporter asking for comment.

We will be keeping an eye on this as the case develops. Stay tuned

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