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Zelda: Link’s Awakening Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

Our favorite Tunic clad hero is back! Zelda: Link’s Awakening has been re-imagined for the Switch after long last. An old GameBoy Color release, this game was a favorite on archaic technology, so it’s surely to be grand now, on the latest and greatest Nintendo has to offer right?

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As I picked it up on Friday via my local GameStop, I admit to never played any of the previous versions. But, I had a Zelda itch leftover from the amazing Breath of the Wild game, released with the Switch a few years back. So, I purchased, went home, received the evil eye from the Wifey as I gracefully took over the TV, and began my journey….

Not to spoil any of the game for you players out there yet to play, similar to myself, this game is pretty cool. It’s not a full bodied game like its predecessor, but its campy animation and nostalgic similarities to SNES’ A Link to the Past gave me a hard case of the feels for my childhood. If follows a lot of the same premise, given a small world and recognizable items needed to gain access to the latter parts of the game (I.E. a boomerang, hookshot, power gloves, etc.) .

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The Biggest surprise for me was the Super Mario characters and Easter eggs in this game. Goombas, Piranha plants, chain chomps, you name it! It definitely made the game more entertaining every time I found myself in a 2D room.

All in all, this is a must play for anyone who enjoys a good wholesome Nintendo game to play with the fam. I know the kiddos were chomping at the bit for their go at this game for sure. It’s short, was able to beat it in a couple days, but I’n sure there are more things to find and collect for 100% completion. But hey, one of the most pleasurable games I’ve played recently with my limited free time…..Till next time folks! Stay Nerdy my friends.

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