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Slade v.s Jason Todd On This Weeks Titans

A Quick Look Takes A Bad Turn

The titans finally come together to face the threat of Dr. Light. Meanwhile, Korianders assailants turns out to be a member of the royal guard.

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Was this episode titanic ? Or simply forgettable.

Episode Recap ( Spoilers )

The trio of Donna, Dawn and Hank make their way towards Titans Tower, San Francisco. There they divide a plan to take down Dr. Light as well as learning that Slade is in the city, hunting his daughter rose.

Rose was trying to kill her father as revenge for him killing her brother Jerico. Meanwhile. rising tensions cause Jason Todd to take down Light himself to prove himself.

While he successfully takes him down, he’s captured by Deathstroke, who had planned with Dr. Light on taking the titans apart member by member.

Kory, while with a member of her race, is tempted to return home. She decided to stay after reciving a call from Rachel, who’s worried that her power is getting out of control.

The Episode Overall

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The show has already made a big jump from its source material, but the new details we learn about Kory are interesting, but warrant more development. I’m down for Starfie to tear down classism. And the Kory Rachel Relationship is adorable. 

The hank and dawn drama feels weirdly played out, although it is new, it’s just the same discussion over and over. 

Dicks reluctance to tell the new kids about the Titans Past loops into his inability to forgive his past mistakes. As long as this isn’t a recurring issues its fine. Also, his utter flippance of Jason’s needs is a little troubling.

It’s obvious that both of them are going through alot, but if Grayson had just chosen his words better, then Jason Todd would be in a much better off. The small connection between Garfield and Jason was nice, but we do need more bonding between the new titans trio,

This episode felt weirdly paced, as the hunt for Dr. Light doesn’t really purposely lead anywhere.

What to expect

A possible death of Jason Todd is possible, although not completely wanted. This episode really helped to move characters along,hopefully towards a more satisfying resolutions in the next episode

What is your opinion of the episode ? Love it or hate it ? Let us know in the comments down below!

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