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The Starbucks IT Frappuccino Is Making Rounds!

There’s a Starbucks on practically every corner, so getting your coffee fix is never a problem. New seasons bring new (and old) flavors. Every once in a while, a Starbucks enthusiast creates a custom drink that finds its way into our hearts and stomachs.

On the heels of the movie’s release, the IT Frappuccino has started to pop up on social media. The drink is actually pretty simple. It’s a vanilla bean Frappuccino with a strawberry purée drizzle. Any other time of year, it would just be a cute strawberry drink. Paired with the onslaught of Halloween season and the recent IT Chapter Two release, it’s definitely giving us some spooky vibes.

This isn’t the first Starbucks seasonal menu drink to take the internet by storm. Here’s a look back on some previous Frappuccino reimaginings tailored to the Halloween lover in all of us.

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The Zombie Frappuccino (2017)

Okay, this official Starbucks release fulfilled our spooky needs. The zombie frap was an apple and caramel flavored drink, with vibrant colors to match.

Witch’s Brew Frap (2018)

This Starbucks release was a blend of purple toad’s breath (orange crème) and green bat warts (chia seeds). It was topped with vanilla whipped cream with sprinkled “lizard scale” powder.

Vampire Frap (2018)

This one came out in Starbucks outside of the U.S. and two versions were available, Mr. & Mrs. the Mr. Vampire Frap was layered with mocha sauce, while the Mrs. Vampire Frap was layered with white mocha sauce. Both were finished off with the popular strawberry drizzle used to make Starbucks’ bloody effect!


Another movie inspired Frappuccino, this is currently available at the Disney parks’ Starbucks! This Frappuccino is made with a vanilla bean créme base blended with blueberry juice and diced dragonfruit, topped with green whipped cream.

What are some of your favorite seasonal and secret menu Starbucks drinks?! Let us know in the comments!

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