Top 10 Adam Sandler Look Alikes From the Most Amazing Group on FB

If you love Adam Sandler you will probably love this group. It’s a group where people post pictures of people that kind of look like Adam Sandler. One of the reviews say that it is the best place to collect Sandlers from around the world. If you want a page to cheer you up then this is definitely the place to go. Check it out for yourself by clicking here. Here is our top ten look alikes in no particular order!

Bob Ross/ Adam Sandler Baby

Lurking Sandler

Indecisive Sandler

School Boy Rocker aka Little Nicky Era Sandler

Sigourney Weaver and Adam Sandler’s Daughter

Sweats Sandler

Guitar Sandler

If Adam Sandler Was a Vampire

Traveling Sandler

Sandler at a Party

And there is a lot more where that came from! You should seriously get in on this rating game. With a 4.9 star average out of 5 and based on the reviews of over 200 people you’re sure to have a great time. Facebook Group for People Who Sort of Look Like Adam Sandler but Aren’t Adam Sandler is 11/10.

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