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Netflix Gets Smart, Changes Several Shows to Week to Week Broadcasts

Netflix is rethinking its drop method. Previously they would put out a series after the entire season was over so that viewers could binge watch the entire show. Whether that meant watching it in a day or little by little was up to their discretion. Now Netflix will be changing over starting with a few series and taking a more Hulu approach. Broadcasting the episodes weekly instead.

They are starting out this method with collection 7 of the Great British Baking show. Rythm & Flow will be dropped in groups starting October 9th. They will air the audition portion and then every week add another couple of episodes to the program.

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This is most likely due to hearing how the Disney Plus platform will operate as well as knowing how Hulu already drops their content. Netflix had a major loss in subscriptions last period and they want to keep people engaged with their service. The best way to do that is to get people hooked and keep them coming back every week for the next episode. That way you will be unable to sign up, binge the show you want to see and then promptly cancel. Well, you still can but it now depends on the show you wanted to watch.

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