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The Perfect Baby Items For Nerdy Parents

Parents are nerds too! Well, some of us are, anyway. Any nerdy parent might raise their kids with the tiniest hope that their baby shares interest in their favorite fandoms. Lucky for us, there’s a way to subliminally influence their interests. Here are some seriously cute and nerdy kid items to give your kids a push in the right direction.

Baby Onesies

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You gotta dress them in something, might as well be some character garb! You can find onesies to dress your baby up as some of your favorite characters! They are available in DC and Marvel superheroes, and Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Disney characters. This Totoro set is really cute, too! I challenge you to find something cuter than a chubby baby dressed as the Hulk!

Batman Lovey

Every baby loves a lovey! Loveys are a type of plush toy meant to comfort and soothe your baby. They’re soft, warm, and have a plush character attached for your little one to hug. This Batman lovey is the perfect way to comfort your baby and ignite their love for superheroes. 


Teething can be a difficult time for your little one. Teethers give your baby something to chew on to ease any gum discomfort they might experience. Ease those teething woes with a super cute and nerdy teething toy! They come in various shapes including game controllers and superhero insignia. There’s sure to be one to satisfy your fandom and baby’s gums.

Eat In Style

Everybody eats! Unfortunately, babies aren’t the most graceful of eaters. Keep your baby on the cleaner side at mealtime and minimize your clean up with a fun bib! These adorable bibs are available in various superhero, Disney, and video game related designs! 

Practice Makes Perfect

Acquaint your tiny tot with this interactive game controller. Your baby can learn colors, letters, and numbers while familiarizing themselves with a controller. This is sure to make for some epic gaming competition when they’re old enough to challenge you. I’m seriously running out the door to find this right now!

Learning Can Be Cool

Learning can be fun for you and your kid! Get your toddler ahead of the learning game with this amazing Star Wars ABC-3PO book! Work your way through the alphabet while teaching your little one about our beloved Star Wars characters. It’s sure to make them Star Wars fan in no time! There’s also a numbers version available titled Obi-123.


This one isn’t a singular item. Kidsembrace is a company that sells various baby and kid related items — all in character themes! They offer car seats, boosters, strollers, organizers, high chairs, walkers, baby carriers, and trikes adorning the faces and insignia of our favorite characters and superheroes. You’re bound to experience car seat resistance at some point, but that could change with these fun car seats! 

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