Target is Selling No Carve Pumpkin Kits

We are all adults here, and who has time to carve a pumpkin anymore? Definitely not me. Target is now selling no carve kits for those of us who want to celebrate but also don’t want a rotting pumpkin on our porch.

They have everything from kids designs to.. older kids I guess? I don’t know about you but I really want the Batman, BB8 and Jack and Sally Pumpkin sets. For more information on ordering click the title of the design. These each go for only $10.00 so you bet they will sell out fast!


I’m Batman. What pumpkin wouldn’t want to live out their last days as this caped crusader. The only way to dress up your pumpkin if you want it to be an awesome super hero. Pick up this costume by clicking here.


This one is a must have because, just look at it!! BB8 is the cute little spherical droid that is perfect for a pumpkin costume! Pick him up by clicking here.


“I’m Jack, The Pumpkin King.” If you are a fan of Nightmare Before Christmas you will definitely want to pick up this guy.


The set to get to complete the Jack and Sally romance. You can pick up Sally by clicking here.


Not sure this is really a great design but hey, Toy Story 4 just came out and they have to test the market somehow. Plus you can create your own sporky and stab it or glue it on somewhere for extra flair. Pick up this kit by clicking here!


What better fitting way to decorate a pumpkin than with Cinderella’s Pumpkin carriage?! You can get her by clicking here.


Hi friends! Want a way to wow the kids on your block? Why not try out this Micky pumpkin kit!


Minnie is here to make your Halloween even more magical! You can find more information about this design here.


Vampirina is the one of the newest kids shows on Disney Jr. She moved to Pennsylvania from Translyvania and is starting a new life there with her vampire family. She is great for anyone who has kids younger than 7. Heck even I watch it lol. If you want to get here you can do so by clicking here.

For those of you who miss these great deals you can sign up to be notified when they come back in stock on the page for the item. Or you can try your luck at Target where they have them up in the aisles.

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