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Spooky Flamingos are This Halloween’s Decoration of the Season

This Halloween is all about the uniquely spooky array of new ideas for decorating. While Halloween Trees aren’t necessarily new they have made an impact this year that has gotten many people to start decorating that hadn’t gone all out for Halloween before. Outside decorations are abundant and usually consist of over sized blow up ornaments like Halloween themed Mickey Mouses or Jack Skellington. This year however was the real debut for the next big thing, and that is Zombie Flamingos!

You can buy a version of Zombie Flamingos from just about anywhere if you check online but these are a few of our favorites!

Walmart’s Zombie Flamingo

This guy is great and is only $14.99 so you can afford to buy him a zombie friend as well!

Ace Hardware’s Zombie Flamingos

Probably this year’s most popular version comes from Ace Hardware. The duo costs $17.99 and can be picked up in store!

Amazon Witch Flamingo

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Don’t want to go with zombies this year? How about a skeleton witch instead! It is a bit pricier than the others but it is included with fast shipping if you are a prime member.

Amazon Zombie Skeleton  2 Pack

These come in a two pack and are probably the cutest ones of the bunch, but if you surround them with the right atmosphere will turn into a spooky scene that adults and kids will love.

Halloween Colored Flamingos

Not really spooky but still on theme. You can get this duo from Amazon here.

And for those of you who really want to get started on Christmas, you can always pick up these.

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