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Artist Freya Jobbins Turns Dolls Into Scuptures

Freya Jobbins, an Australian woman who started out as a Police Officer, found her calling with art. She decided that she no longer felt any joy being an Officer so she started taking classes for printmaking and sculpture. It was then that she discovered her true calling and would embark on the project that would make her famous. Creating sculptures out of doll parts. Now dolls aren’t inherently nightmare inducing, some are borderline uncanny valley and others are just weird with the proportions. But Jobbins takes this all to a whole new level of flesh colored uneasiness.

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I am interested in generating a range of responses to existing cultural objects, which have been placed out of context. The irony of my plastic works is that I take a material that was created to be touched, and I make it untouchable as an artwork.

Freya Jobbins

Some of these works are fine, you can see the purpose behind the design. Others however are much more creepy, like a Frankenstein version of something that wasn’t meant to be.

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