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Experience Halloween at Hogwarts with this New Tour

Nothing was more magical than watching Harry Potter arrive at Hogwarts. And the thing that really impressed audiences was the Great Hall. Now you can experience both decorated to the brim with Halloween festivity. Hogwarts After Dark is an exclusive offering of the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, and it’s one more thing you need to add to your bucket list.

The description for the event is breathtaking. First of all you get to step into the actual Great Hall that was used for filming. It has been completely transformed like it would have been when Harry was attending for the holiday of Halloween. Over 100 floating pumpkins, just like the ones seen on screen in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone will be in the air, complimenting the table spread of red apples, pumpkins and cauldrons of lollipops.

After walking in you will be treated to a two course meal and drinks while you are surrounded by original props and costumes. Afterwards they will lead you on a tour with lanterns where you can explore the Forbidden Forest where dessert will be served. While eating dessert you will be amid magical creatures like Buckbeak the Hippogriff and Aragog the Acromantula.

When you are finished with Dessert you will be taken to admire sets from the Gryffindor Common Room and Dumbledore’s Office. Then members of the prop making department will tell you secrets behind making the intricate Death Eater masks.

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Death Eaters will be dressed in the original costumes from the movie so you can see exactly how intricate they are, if you want to get that close. A choreographer will teach you wand combat to prep you for a live dual with Death Eaters.

Afterwards you will be treated to refreshing Butterbeer which will be provided in the Backlot Cafe. You will explore a darker Diagon Alley with dimmed lights and the music becomes more ominous.

The tour will be from 7:30 to Midnight on the nights of October 25th, 26th, and the 27th. It’s 18 and over and tickets are priced at £240pp which is about $270. If you can get yourself over there this is one of those experiences you just can’t miss. Hopefully they do it for many more years to come. If you want to check out travel quotes you can try out Trip Advisor. They tend to have the lowest rates.

If you are serious about going you will need to be dressed for the occasion! Check out these robes from Hot Topic and other accessories that will get you fashionably ready for your feast at the great hall.

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