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“Zombie Skittle” Have “Rotten Zombie” Flavors Inside

Well it’s now 38 days to Autumn and companies are already rolling out the plans for Pumpkin flavored everything and Halloween candies. Skittles has announced that they will now have “Zombie Skittles”! Which will contain flavors of “Rotten Zombie” mixed in with the standard fruity flavors.

Normal Flavors have also been given Halloween names to get you into a more festive mood.

  • Petrifying Citrus Punch
  • Mummified Melon
  • Boogeyman Blackberry
  • Chilling Black Cherry
  • Blood Red Berry

You can expect Zombie flavors to hit the shelves very soon!

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Here is a collection of weird Skittles commercials for your enjoyment! They certainly know how to advertise.
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