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Spirit Halloween Introduces Hocus Pocus Home Decor!

If you grew up watching the Disney Channel during Halloweentime then you were treated to one of the best films of our generation. Hocus Pocus. Hocus Pocus now has its own dedicated home decor line sold exclusively at Spirit Halloween stores and online. You can buy awesome fleece blankets, a black flame candle, and even a wine glass that is for holding “the blood of young children”.

Flame Candle ($10, Spirit Halloween)

hocus pocus candle
photo: Spirit Halloween
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First and foremost on this list is the legendary black flame candle. Legend says that it will raise the spirits of the dead when lit by a virgin on Halloween Night. So if you have any young children in the house, best to keep them away from this candle. Either that or be prepared for a crazy evening full of dodging witches and keeping the book away from Winifred.

Hocus Pocus Salt And Pepper Shakers ($10, Spirit Halloween)

hocus pocus salt pepper shakers
photo: Spirit Halloween

Here you can see Binx and the Sanderson Sisters’ Special Potion in a salt and pepper shaker form. It’s the perfect addition to add to any Halloween table and will be a great talking piece to boot.

Life Potion Stemless Glass ($8, Spirit Halloween)

hocus pocus wine glass
photo: Spirit Halloween

Want to drink the blood of young children? Take back your ever fading youth? Well look no further because this Life Potion wine glass will go perfectly with any red wine you have laying around. Or cranberry juice, whatever red beverage you have on hand.

Sanderson Sisters Fleece Blanket ($25, Spirit Halloween)

hocus pocus blanket
photo: Spirit Halloween

This cozy blanket would be perfect to cuddle up with for movie night. It would also make a great display if you lay it over the back of the couch as a statement piece. Your friends will be dying to know where you got it.

Reversible Sequined Binx Pillow ($30, Spirit Halloween)

hocus pocus pillow
photo: Spirit Halloween

A cute little pillow you won’t want to stop touching. The sequins change from gold to black and vice versa and it will go great with that blanket I listed above. It has the phrase Binx is my Boo, which I guess is cute. A little basic, but if you are just pulling it out for Halloween it will definitely fit the mood.

Winifred Sanderson Mug ($15, Spirit Halloween)

This mug is probably my least favorite of all the products they put out this year. It’s cute but simple, and it looks like something you could make yourself at a place like Color Me Mine. For the completionist though it is a must have for your new collection of Hocus Pocus Decor.

If you liked these you should check out Spirit Halloween’s exclusive Funko Pop for the Sanderson sisters! You can see more about it by clicking on the link below.

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