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Official Trailer for Steven Universe: The Movie

The first official trailer coming out of SDCC 2019

Coming straight out of the Steven Universe Panel at San Diego Comic Con is the first official trailer for Steven Universe: the Movie, premiering September second, six p.m.

After premiering in the SU panel, the trailer was released by the Cartoon Network Youtube Channel.

The Steven Universe Panel was moderated by the voice of peridot Shelby Rabara. Featuring a panel with Su creator Rebecca Sugar, voice actors Deedee Magno Hall (Pearl) , Estelle( Garnet) and Michaela Dietz( Amethyst).

Rabara Hit the panel with questions taken from twitter, eventually leading to a performance from Rebecca Sugar, the Premiere of the movie trailer, and a performance of a new Song, True Kind of love.

Steven tempts fate, as his announcement of “finally getting my happy ending” is interrupted by a new enemy.

When asked about the creation of the film, Rebecca sugar stated that,

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“This is a completely different … challenge, to be able to make something so full and complete… To integrate the story into all of the music … and get into… I can’t say. We’ve worked so hard on this movie, I just can’t wait for people to see it.”

Estelle, who voices Garnet, spoke on the song that she helped to put together for the film.

“I heard it , and It blew my mind. Again, everyone knows that i love the way rebecca writes, It’s perfect and beautiful, and I’m just grateful to be apart of it.

Rebecca included dozens of writers/ artists in the music production of them film, a task which she stated to be one that ” completely changed my view of music”.

The rest of the panel took questions from the audience, ranging from production inquiries to character development and music.

What’s your opinion on the SU Movie ? Is the Hype Real or did the trailer fall flat ? Let us know in the comments down below.

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