“Space Jam 2” Changes Directors Due to Creative Differences

So something that is never a good sign in Hollywood is when a film changes directors midway through. Space Jam 2 has now switched their directors from Terence Nance to Malcolm D. Lee. Warner Bros. say that Nance is leaving on good terms but that the reason for departure is that they had a difference of opinion regarding the creative direction of the film. There were no specifics but differences of opinions are never great.

The company seems hopeful that with the change in directors the movie will benefit. Lebron James was cast as lead for the film back in February this year. It was announced that as well as starring in the film he would also be executive producing.

Space Jam was a hit in 1996 sparking kids to become interested in Basketball after watching their favorite cartoons and Michael Jordan go toe to toe with the “Monstars”. They had Burger King toys as well as other specials offered in Target. They had been talking sometime about the sequel and have finally put all the pieces together.

Let’s hope this change up with directors is not a bad sign. They had already hit one snag due to Nike having relationships with certain players. And that some players are already representing other companies. So for a while there there were some casting snags due to that. Sonequa Martin-Green has also been cast as LeBron James wife in the upcoming film.

Production on the film was set to start this month and it looks like with this change up they will be moving forward as planned.

Space Jam 2 is set to debut July 16th, 2021

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