Immortal Era Comic Kickstarter

It’s part video game, part The Walking Dead (well, minus the dead…), and a whole lot of classic sci-fi premise.

Edward Davis of Finish Line Comics is looking to start a new comic that might be a hit among indie fans who grew up with the 90’s aesthetic. That isn’t a knock, but it’s a feeling. Davis’ Immortal Era feels very 90’s in a fun way. Love cutting people apart? Love strong female characters? Love swords?

Check it out on Kickstarter.

The premise is simple: At some point people just stopped dying. As a result, there’s overpopulation and resources are being fought over. You’ve got your Haves and Have-Nots. But the kicker is people might not die but they aren’t Superman. You could lose a limb or, apparently, even your entire body. The brain seems to survive no matter what, a sort of zombie but alive… Or…

Davis is the creator/writer. He is joined by Cezar Oliveira on art and Viviana Spinelli on color and Manny Hernandez on letters. It isn’t perfect but it’s vivid and done well enough to want you to see where the story and art go. As I said, the entire thing is very video-gamey with action and character design. If you’ve been a fan of a lot of the modern survival-style games, this project could be for you.

This is a comic I can’t really give a score to. It’s a first issue preview I’ve seen for a Kickstarter on a project that is clearly a passion project. Check it out and decide for yourself if you like it or not. It isn’t as polished as a Marvel or DC comic, but clearly skill and dedication are at work for Immortal Era. It might be up your alley and your chance to start something that turns out into a fun, violent ride.

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