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‘Dauntless’ Adding Pirates and Competitive Monster Hunting Arena

Polish your pistols slayers! Pirates are invading the world of Dauntless and bringing a sweet new arena with them! Phoenix Labs has revealed the next two content drops for Dauntless to be pirate-themed. Titled the High Life season, it revolves around a mysterious new character called Lady Luck. Lady Luck promises to change the game forever with her new Trials combat arena!

Pirates are here in search of new treasure!

The Trials combat arena allows players to team up or go solo to overcome its difficult challenges. Trials will come in two difficulties- Normal or Dauntless. Each difficulty will reward successful slayers with unique currency for Lady Luck. Normal trials reward players with steel marks, which can be given to Lady Luck for new weapon attacks or mods. Dauntless trials reward players with gilded marks which can be traded for cosmetic rewards. Be careful though, as Dauntless trials will be substantially more challenging to overcome.

Players better be prepared for some truly challenging hunts!
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The Trials arena will also be a leaderboard for Dauntless players. Dedicated slayers can test their skills as they work their way towards the top of the arena scoreboard. Each week, a familiar monster will rotate into the arena. However, this monster will come with new special modifiers. These modifiers will make each fight more challenging and unique. This means players will need to battle monsters repeatedly to improve their times and master their strategies. Players can challenge themselves to beat other slayers’ times, thus seeing their name rise towards the top.

Gather with friends to take on the leaderboard

The first of the two new pirate content drops arrives on July 16. It is titled Fortune and Glory, and will feature a new 50-level Hunt Pass. Players will have their hands full working to earn all of the new seafaring content. So strengthen your sea legs and prepare for a new swashbuckling adventure!

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