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Bob’s Burger The Movie Gets Official Release for 2020

Pass the Cranberry Sauce

We’re having mashed potatoes!

Okay if you are a big fan of Bob’s Burgers than I know for a fact you know where that small snippet of song is from. And even if you don’t all fans alike are coming together, because my friends we finally have the official Release date of Bob’s Burgers The Movie!

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I am so excited, one they actually got the release date right; July 17th, 2020. Which has all of the original voice actors we  have all come to know and love, H. Jon Benjamin, Dan Mintz, Eugene Mirman, John Roberts, Kristen Schaal, and, of course, Larry Murphy (Teddy). Disney gave the green light people, let us all be thankful for that.

What will the movie bring? No details yet, but I am so stoked for this. Will Linda get a song? Will they have an epic musical number? Will we finally meet her best friend Ginger? Will they actually pay their rent on time and not with a bunch of pennies? All questions will have to be on hold until further details comes to light.

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