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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s “Hellboy” Collection is Perfect for Your Wicked Soul

When I first heard about the Hellboy fragrance collection I was a bit skeptical. How would it smell? When you look at Hellboy you see a big red sweaty dude. I honestly thought that it would be terrible, that was until I actually smelled it.

There is so much to this new collection and everything brings back some deep memories of being a teenager. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab was able to isolate my years of going to renfaire dressed in all black and hating the world perfectly in this new scent collection. You may think that sounds bad but I’m telling you that no, it’s AMAZING.

The specific scents that I most remember as a teen are patchouli, tobacco smoke(yes I smoked) and incense. This collection hits all of those beats and more!

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The Osiris Club” Atmosphere spray is about 1/4 gone now as much as I have used it. It leaves a really cool smell that reminds me of mixed incense, patchouli and liquid smoke. And there is an after smell that sits after you spray it that makes it feel really nostalgic, like from a perfume from the seventies. My Nana used to wear a perfume called Forever Krystal and it really reminds me a lot of that smell. Believe me it’s something you want to have with you forever. I absolutely love this one. There is also a lighter atmosphere spray called “The Standing Stone at Pendle Hill” that smells more like a fresh linen but if you really want to set a mood go with Osiris. I would almost say Osiris is good for about any setting, but maybe go with the other one if your overtly Christian Parents are coming over.

The next item in this set that I really have to rave about is the beard oil. I am a woman and unfortunately cannot grow a beard, but my husband has been using it daily. His beard has gone from scratchy and untamed to a soft and pleasant looking attribution. I love touching it and the smell that the “Hellbeard” Beard oil leaves behind is deep and sexy. The scent for this oil is based on Bourbon tobacco, gunpowder, and brimstone. This would make a great gift for yourself or a loved one.

Ganeida” smells like lavender. It’s very refreshing and calming. There is a hint of honey in it as well. I would say to wear this on a high stress day and you may calm yourself down naturally. It has an effect similar to an essential oil that you would use as a calming remedy. I probably should have taken this to work today. All joking aside though it is definitely going in the backpack for the next time I need to chill.

Men Will Fall to Her Darkness” is kind of a fruity smell. It is fun and you can wear it anytime. It reminded me of grape medicine for kids. But the good kind that you WANT to drink. I may be crazy however. I’m not sure what in it makes it smell this way but the official listing is A haze of blood musk, myrrh, blackened lavender buds, labdanum, and opoponax.

Alice Monaghan” smells of flowers and tea. It is a very nice smell that is light and refreshing. The scent description for it is Sheer skin musk, white amber, white tea, pink clover, and a glob of ectoplasm.

Lady Hatton” smells like a perfume I tried to mix once. I can’t quite place my finger on it but it is definitely familiar. “A classic 1920’s-style aldehyde with champaca blossom, incense, and sweet red patchouli.” The incense smell is what comes through the most. I think dragons blood is the most similar in smell but it has been a long time since I burned any incense.. unfortunately.

Nimue the Blood Queen” is another nice one in the collection. “Unearthly dark beauty, utterly haunting: a haze of purple poisons, precious oud, black plum, dried black cherries, smoky vegetal musk, and incense.” The plum and cherries come through nicely. For some reason I picture someone wearing this in an outfit that is all black with either a large black sun hat or an umbrella. It really sets the mood for a graveyard date.

Camatotz” is probably the oddest smelling one in the bunch. I think the clove smell really comes through. I don’t like it but that could be solely due to having to use cloves for tooth pain in the past. That experience put cloves on my sh*t list. If you like cloves though you would probably enjoy this scent.

The Hair Gloss in the Hellboy set works really well. My hair was frizzy all day at the tips and when I put it on it seemed to tame the crazy. It doesn’t help that I just bleached and dyed my hair a few days ago of course. “Vengeance Eternal” reminds me of a Christmas or a Yuletide smell. It is fresh and piney. “The Crown” is also a nice fresh earthy scent as well.

Truth is I loved all of these, minus the clove one. If you love incense, patchouli, or essential oils you will fall in love with this collection too. I love the way my house smells now after I spray the atmosphere sprays. You can love the way your house smells too by checking out Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab for yourself here.

What types of perfumes or scents do you usually gravitate towards? Tell us in the comments!

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