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Sleep in a Potato for Only $250 a Night in Idaho

Have you ever wanted to really experience the joys of the potato? How about eating a baked potato INSIDE a potato while being a couch potato? No? Well, were sure someone does and as sure as we are so is Air BnB who now has a rent-able potato laying in the middle of a field, fully furnished with air conditioning to boot.

This potato residence is smack dab in the middle of where else, Idaho, and comes with views of Owyhee Mountains in Boise. The structure itself was made to be a touring piece and sat on top of a truck for six years promoting Idaho’s Potato Commission. It was after it’s tour that Air BnB decided to buy the structure for it’s own.

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Made of steel, plaster and concrete the building weighs around six tons. The interior fits two people comfortably and has in addition to air conditioning(thank goodness) a fireplace, bathroom, kitchen, a couple chairs and a queen size bed.

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There are unfortunately other fees associated with staying there on top of the $200 a night including a $31 service fee, I’m assuming to connect the electricity and such, and a $16 occupancy fee. So if you are willing to pay around $250 for a novelty experience then.. please send pictures!

Would you stay in at potato? How about an Onion? Tell us in the comments the weirdest accommodations you have stayed!

*All Photos can be found on AirBnB’s Website

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