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Costco is Selling Adult “Otter Pops” in Different Flavors of Wine

If you grew up in the 90’s odds are you know what an Otter Pop is. And if you grew up in the 90’s you are an adult with adult likes now. Costco is now selling Wine Pops for the summer that come in different flavors!

Grab a pack and worry not because these are only 90 calories a pop. Also great for pretending we’re kids again!
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Chaffey’s Frozen Cocktails are infamous now for having being pitched on “Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch”. Their website states:

“After a soft launch in 2011, Claffey’s Frozen Cocktails creator Chris Claffey wanted to make these delicious wine popsicles available to even more partiers looking for a cocktail that could keep up with their lifestyle; he competed on Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch for the chance to take his wine popsicles to the next level. The judges were impressed with Claffey’s pitch and gave Claffey the means to grow his business and take the ready-to-enjoy product market by storm.”

They come in flavors Cherry Lips, Punk Lemonade, Ice Blue, Modern Mango, Grab Apple, and Purple Party. The cost for these is $17.99 for a pack of 12. Just make sure when you are doling out the snacks at your summer party the kids stay away from “mommy’s special treats”.

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