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These Books of Ghibli’s Nausicaa Are Beautiful Compendiums of the Movie

Recently Viz released not one but two gorgeous books for Nausicaa. Both are in beautiful hard back and full color printing.

The first book The Art of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind is full of images amd stills from the movie. It includes original artwork by Miyazaki along with inside information on how they shot the film. The imagery that you see on screen really is magical because they had to invent many of the ways to film the scenes to get them to look that way.

It was interesting to me to see how they animated the Ohmms in the film. They had to put them on a type of rig and push and pull to get them to look like they were moving.

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For that reason alone, if you are big into cinema and animation, you should buy this book. There is more information at the end, the editor’s notes that really bring this book together. Here we learn what went on behind the scenes from the eyes of the animators and producers on the film. The history behind this movie is fascinating.

The second book Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Picture Book is a full color storybook of the movie. It has many stills from the film and presents it alongside the story of the movie. This one is more for kids in the way that it is just a retelling and doesnt really add anything besides what we already can see in the film. Well, for kids or for adults when their power is out and they really want to see a think I movie.

Both of these books are great looking on the shelf and since they are hardcover they really stand out. I recommend checking them out for yourself. You can buy The Art of Nausicaa Valley of the Wind on Amazon for $22.48, and Nausicaa Valley of the Wind Picture Book on Amazon for $23.90. Or you can check them out on

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