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Town Petitions for Name Change to “Pound Town”

Daniel McCarthy of Dripping Springs, Texas has started a GoFundMe campaign to rename “Dripping Springs” to “Pound Town”. You would think that this would be for dirty reasons but according to the gofundme it is purely to honor Mr. & Mrs. Pound, the founders of the town.

Nerdbot reached out to Pound Town’s Facebook page for a statement.

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“It’s been called Dripping Springs for 160+ years but people are gushing about this proposed change. Many are just proud to honor the town’s roots, but also citing things like increased tourism and the myriad merchandising options for local businesses here.”

There is some wholesome history involved here. The petition states that:

• Dr. Pound was the earliest doctor in Hays County.

• The Pound house served as a medical office and hospital, church, schoolhouse, post office and social gathering place for the fledgling community of Dripping Springs.

• Dr. Pound also insisted on treating the local Indians with respect, and due to this was never raided.(Source )

The comments on the gofundme are pretty funny. I recommend you check them out at least. They also have some cool merch here where you can get a shirt that says “I’m down for Pound Town”.

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If you local to Texas you can join in on the fun in Drippin Sp…. Pound Town as they will have a big prescence coming up at the Founder’s Day Festival the last weekend of April on the 26th, 27th and 28th.

No doubt this will increase the towns tourism. Schitt’s Creek on Netflix had a lot of tourism, at least to the town sign. And with a name like Pound Town who wouldn’t want to take a picture with theirs?

I really hope that they can change the name if only for the next time I visit Texas I can be in the car and tell my husband “I’m taking you to Pound Town”. I know it’s corny and a stupid joke but hey. It’s the little things in life that matter right?

You can check their website for Daily Updates at
and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

After all “Who doesn’t want to take a trip to Pound Town?”

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