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Chuck Norris Poster Allegedly Used to Intimidate Protesters

Chuck Norris has a reputation. It looks like the a** kicking martial artist is still a threat to any and all who cross his path.

Canadian political-science professor Francis Dupuis-Deri alleges that the Quebec police used that reputation to intimidate protesters at the 44th annual G7 summit that was held in Quebec from June 8-9, 2018.

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A poster from Norris’ film Invasion USA, in which the star is carrying a gun in each hand, was placed in the passenger side window of a riot van used to transport an arrested protester. Professor Dupuis-Deri feels that the poster was used “to intimidate protesters and, in doing so, diminished the public’s trust.” He further said, “I thought that was in really bad taste and that it was a form of intimidation and threat from the police toward the public and the protesters.”

Professor Dupuis-Deri filed a complaint with the Quebec police ethics board regarding the use of the poster.

Quebec City police had no comment on the complaint.

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