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Arby’s Anime Infiltration Complete #ArbysWaifu is Here

Arby’s is the reigning champ when it comes to anime references. Whether they are putting out an ad celebrating One Piece or Sailor Moon by creating art from their boxes and sauce packets, or appearing at Anime Expo they have their finger on the pulse of the anime community.

In a tweet Friday they asked people to draw them a waifu based on a design they put out.

“Our #DrawThisInYourStyle starts now! The Arby’s Waifu is ready.” Along with the cute “Doki Doki” in Katakana she is absolutely perfect.

Some people are concerned that the character they put out looked a little young but it’s not uncommon to create a kawaii character who lacks more adult features. Besides the company is 54 years old so get your mind out of the gutter. If she looks young it’s because she is magical.

Some of the drawings that have come up so far are pretty impressive!

Keep Going!
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You can follow the post for more submissions and check out what people have been drawing for it. I am glad they are embracing our current anime culture and you know what? I will be getting Arby’s for dinner tonight. Good on you Arby’s your marketing team is top notch!

Are you thinking Arby’s? Tell us in the comments!

**This post is not sponsored by Arby’s but would like to be. I would work for coupons at this point. Their classic roast beef is amazing.

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