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Emma Watson in the Running for “Female Lead” in ‘Black Widow’

With Scarlet Johansson firmly in place to lead Black Widow now is the time to find the rest of the cast. Marvel is wasting no time and in a recent exclusive from Thathashtagshow Emma Watson is in the running for an alternate lead role in the film.

Casting director Sarah Finn has reportedly begun to narrow down the list for the “female Bond” character that would be playing along side Johansson. They need to find someone who is not only suited to the role but can also perform the more physically demanding aspects of the film.

Along with Watson the other names include Alice Englert(Beautiful Creatures), Dar Zuzovsky(Hostages), and Florence Pugh(Lady Macbeth). Englebert and Zuzovsky both recently auditioned and from reports made a very strong impression on the studio. This is not the complete list of names but it is who we are aware of at this moment.Originally they were looking for actresses in their 30’s but have expanded the search to find just the right candidate.

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Watson who is now 28 would be an interesting choice for the film. She is most well known as Hermoine Granger from the Harry Potter series and more recently Beauty and the Beast. She could be the next big name to enter the MCU and is gaining a lot of traction from fans.

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