Disneyland After Dark: Heroes Assemble aka Comic Con

Disneyland is doing another ‘After Dark’ event after the success of the previous 4 iterations. If you’ve never been, think of it as a themed private party that Disneyland holds from 9pm-1am. Just for you…and like 9000 other people. So far the themes have been Vintage and Star Wars with Sweetheart nite and 90’s coming up soon. However, unlike previous events, this particular event and theme is catered to Disney California Adventure.

So what’s the next theme gonna be??? (Spoiler Alert)

Not that kind of After Dark event, Cap.

That’s right, it’s gonna be Disney’s version of Comic Con except more entitlement. But you might be asking yourself, what do those entitlements mean?! Well, let me run down some bullet points from their carefully crafted press release.

  • Incredible entertainment, character encounters, event-themed food, merchandise, and ‘special area’ photo-ops.
  • Select rides will be open like Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout and Incredicoaster. (But like, honestly, besides those two rides, who really goes on anything else???)
  • Park-wide scavenger hunt to find hidden artifacts. Possibly stones. Or gems. Depends on which Universe you’re from.
  • Special meet-n-greets with Heroes and Villains.

That’s basically the event in a nutshell. I can tell you right now, having been to one of these events, it’s actually quite fun! Plus the chance to see long lost Heroes return to the park is also quite exhilarating. Gives you the chance for this kind of photo op-

He’s so drunk…

The special area photo ops are a cosplayers dream! Speaking of cosplayers…

This event has been deemed a costumed event meaning you can come dressed in your cosplay. However, be smart about this.

This is a special event, meaning that you’ll have to shell out extra money to be there. Tickets in the past have been running at $125 but the price for this particular event may vary since the price wasn’t mentioned anywhere on the press release. I would hate for you to have wasted a few hundred dollars after being ejected because you didn’t get to wear your Jim Logan made-screen accurate-but-actually-closer-to-comic-book-accuracy costume.
Be smarter, cosplayers. No masks.

Finally, the info for ticket sales! They will do this event on two different nights, in case you need more time to sew your costumes.

It’s happening on April 30th and May 1st.
Ticket sales for Annual Passholes Passholders start February 19th, the general public February 23rd.

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