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Nerdbot Review: ‘Dragon Ball Super: Broly’

The latest installment into the Dragonball Franchise is everything a fan could ask for. It does a great job of storytelling as well as fast pace anime fight scenes that we have all grown to love. One of the major turning points for this movie was that they finally made Broly as well as Bardock canon. Two beloved characters in the Dragonball Universe.

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Right off the bat this movie goes into the lore of what happened to Planet Vegeta and what they consider canon of how it finally blew up. They cover it so well and clear you could take someone who has never seen a episode of Dragon Ball Z or Super and they would understand it clearly. You see more in depth of how Freezia treated the saiyans and how much of a horrible ruler he was. Further fueling the fire of the love to hate relationship lots of people have with this character.   

Frieza’s role in the movie was more of less what you would expect of him. They really didn’t explore any new routes with him, and perhaps out of everyone in the movie he is the most true to himself up until the very end.

But of course the movie is about the man himself Broly. It was great that they scrubbed his backstory clean and actually gave him depth for once. He wasn’t this evil brute force man for once. He was actually a sweet kind hearted person that was forced to be the way he was. Much like the “Thanos Effect” you couldn’t help but feel for him. Seeing how the one person who sought to protect him only to use his power for own personal gain was a sad thing. It makes you question if his father cared about him at all.


Finally seeing the showdown between the 3 saiyans was nothing less than great. And Vegeta lovers finally got what they wanted out of him that being an actually fight for once. Seeing from how they learned from their past really worked out for them. But at the same time they kept true to it as well. Even showing off a form that many fans wished to have seen him with earlier. And throughout the whole movie you see the classic I don’t care attitude from the prince himself which is always lovely.

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When you finally see Goku and Broly fight you can’t help but feel this excitement. But perhaps one of the more favorable parts of how Goku is able to look past people’s brute side. And tries to connect with them, which is something you see happen again and it’s actually very sweet to see. But of course it almost never works at first and always goes back to an intense back and forth fight that’ll keep you at the edge of your seat.


Near the end of the movie you see what was perhaps one of the main selling points. That being the famous Gogeta which was nothing less than awesome. But of course before we could get to this awesome fusion we had to be teased with some off putting forms. But once it was perfected the final showdown between these two legends was definitely one for the books. It was perhaps one of the most visually pleasing fights that has happened so far in the Dragonball Universe. And just when you think you saw it all they throw a nice curve ball your way.


This movie was everything you could of asked for as a fan. The fighting was great and the story telling was on point. Even though some things happen a little too fast to keep up with. But other than that this movie is a must see to kick off the new year! With all that being said it’s a 10/10

What did you think of the movie? Have you seen it yet? Tell us in the comments!

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