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Jay And Silent Bob Are Striking Back… Again

Are the 1990’s two favorite stoners making a comeback?

Uh… snoochie boochies! Yes, coming straight from outside the Quick-Stop, Jay and Silent Bob are returning the the big screen. reported on January 2nd that Director Kevin Smith and heterosexual life mate Jason Mews are making a sequel to the 2001, I guess cult hit Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back.

Smith confirmed the project (which has been in the mix for a while now) and took to Twitter to commemorate a pre-production meeting.

As also reported, the film will be titled Jay And Silent Bob Reboot and is eyeing a 2020 release date.

Last year, Smith provided a little bit of insight as to how the project isn’t a reboot in the traditional sense of the word:

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“We’re doing a sequel to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and it’s called Jay and Silent Bob Reboot… It’s us, it’s me and Jay so it’s not really strictly a reboot in the way that people think of a reboot. If you remember Jay and Silent Bob Strike Backit was a movie in which Jay and Silent Bob found out Hollywood was making a movie about them so they went cross country to Hollywood to stop that from happening. Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is completely fucking different. In Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Jay and Silent Bob find out that Hollywood is making a reboot of that old movie that they had made about them, and they have to go cross the country to Hollywood to stop it all over again. It’s literally the same fucking movie all over again. It’s a movie that makes fun of sequels and remakes and reboots while being all three at the same time.”

We are long overdue for Kevin Smith to return to his roots. Tusk was good, but fans who have been there since the beginning need a good old fashioned shot of pot and fart jokes. He’s healthy, so why the hell not? Believe me, Smith shed a truck load of weight.

And don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll still be podcasting. The guy’s a machine.

By Adam Chmielewski


Photo Credits- Twitter/View Askew

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