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Enjoyable Halloween Movies for The Family

During the month, or months leading up to the spookiest night of the year, many people enjoy watching creepy, gruesome and violent horror films. However, some fans of Halloween such as those with young children don’t get to enjoy those movies. Instead here are some Halloween movies and specials that won’t give the children nightmares.

  1. Halloweentown Series – G

This franchise started in 1998 with the first film coming out that year and eventually 3 more over the years. This franchise is fun and features a unique setting. Each film takes place either in the human realm or Halloweentown. A town where all the witches and warlocks and magical beings can live together in peace and harmony, yet not all are happy with this arrangement.
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2. Hocus Pocus – PG

Taking place on a Halloween night the adventures of a young man, his crush and little sister after he awakens the 3 witches from the past they attempt to defeat the witches. it is a fun Halloween classic. It is one of my personal favorite Halloween movies.

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3. It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown – G

This Halloween special has come to be regarded as one of the most influential and classic animated Halloween shows for the whole family; Which has lead it to being parodied and ripped off in many animated works. The main focus of the special is the story of Linus waiting in the pumpkin patch for the Great Pumpkin. Other pieces of Halloween are included in this special such as the jack-lanterns, costume making, and trick or treating.

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4. Casper Meets Wendy – PG

This 1998 Halloween film is a personal favorite of mine. It is about a friendly ghost and a good little witch. These two young good characters are both raised by nasty grown-up versions of themselves.  These two young protagonists go on a few adventures together without the knowledge of their family.

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5. Casper The Friendly Ghost – PG

Set in the 1990s a paranormal scientist and his young daughter move into the mansion of the Ghostly Trio and Casper. Casper always so friendly tries to befriend the young daughter. He becomes smitten with her and hopes for her to like him back. The aspect of this film that is spooky is ghosts and these ghosts are more silly than terrifying.

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6 Now You See It – G

This 2005 Disney channel original movie is about a magic competition. The film features some moments of intense conflict and arguments in a film that features real magic in a world where most do fake magic. Very small moments of spookiness but interesting stage magic scenes. This is a great film for those who like magicians and actual magic stories.

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7. Scooby Doo – PG

In every Scooby-Doo story or movie mystery inc looks for clues to defeat some form of monster or ghost. Its a wonderful concept and a lot of fun the monster is often quite frightening to the citizens but not to those watching the film. Each one is about a different monster my favorite is the witches ghost. They all make perfect movies for Halloween.

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 8. The Nightmare Before Christmas – PG

From Halloweentown where every day is Halloween Jack the pumpkin king brings halloween to all the children. He eventually travels to a forest where all the other holidays have a town. Jack goes to christmas town and tries to become santa. The spooky moments in this movie come when jack redecrotes for a Halloween and christmas mashup.

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9. Hulk Where Monsters Dwell – PG

On Halloween night The Hulk and Doctor Strange must join up to fight together. The main moments of spookiness are when the monsters are fighting each other and what they look like. The Howling commandos battle agianst the nightmares of children.

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