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Nerdbot Lego Review – Y-Wing (75172)

Nerdbot would like to thank PaulMart Store for hooking us up with this Lego set to review!


By now it’s no surprise to Lego fans that after a few years of waiting, you will most likely get your chance at purchasing a Star Wars set you missed out on. For many, the wait continues for a Republic Gunship or a UCS Death Star II, but for me the wait finally was over when this years bounty of classic reboots featured the always awesome looking Y-Wing.

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The new Y-Wing (75172) is true to its name but comes with a few twists, mainly due to it’s story line. Our traditional color scheme and body chassis is there but this Y-Wing as described by Lego Shop is directly tied to ‘Rogue One – A Star Wars Story’. This means a new crew, a new droid, and even a new maintenance dock.

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Y-Wing Pilot, Admiral Raddus, Moroff, and Storm Trooper are all excellent additions to a growing collection. The dark blue torso and legs of the uniforms are a perfect match for any team you need to assemble. Moroff’s detail is also appreciated and gives you lots to work with. Our new Astromech droid does not have a name, but makes up for it’s lack of identity with features like a clear/orange dome and a silver body! Looks great next to anything!

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This ship itself is improved starting with the now printed cockpit. The color choice ties nicely with the new added sand blue tiles and occasion brown rods. The greebling is in full effect and hits a perfect 10, as no space is left without careful detail. The main cockpit area and rear ‘y’ junction have been overhauled to work more effectively with tiles than bricks. You can tell this ship was redesigned with a modern edge giving it the street appeal that made me want this upon announcement.

Source: Lego

I could go on and on about what I love about this set but the experience is truly in building it. When you build a typical Star Wars ship, it can get mundane or frustrating having to work on the identical symmetry wing design and detail. It sits nicely next to the other ships in its class if your a collector. And includes some very useful parts if you are simply looking for a great build and useful expansion to your parts catalog. Throw in a neat team of minifigures and you have yourself a decent set at a fair price considering what you have to compare it to on the neighboring shelves. (Please don’t pay full price for Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle – 75156!)

I Give it a Nerdbot 5/5!

And Recommend to both Collectors and Builders!

You can see my Y-Wing (75172) in an upcoming build on my Lego Facebook page Another Brick Studio.


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