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Nerd-Mazing: Belle’s Library In Lego

A few years ago, Disney decided to push its intellectual property to the Lego Limits. People were ready for sets that were more intricate than a few Toy Story rocket ships and Pirates of the Caribbean play sets! Today, Disney Princess sets and Lego Movie themes like Moana are now a hit with fans! And naturally, with enough time, talent, and imagination, things got amazing.

Very, very fast.

Behold, Belle’s Library faithfully created in Lego form from the Disney Classic animated film Beauty and the Beast!

Created by Sarah von Innerebne, this illustrious look at the library in Lego form is filled with color and detail bringing to life one of the most iconic scenes out of the Disney Vault. Complete with Beast, Belle, Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Pot, and Chip, this fantastic build is a stand-out piece sure to inspire Disney/Lego Fans, much like the film has, for future generations to come.

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Sarah also created a video to show the various stages of creation. With a project this big, it no doubt took lots of time and detail work to closely recreate the library readers have been dreaming about for years! Check it out:

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