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Detective Pikachu Heads to Warner Bros

It was announced earlier that Detective Pikachu will be distributed not by Universal but instead by Warner Bros. The decision for the move comes from the studio Legendary Productions moving back over to Warner Bros. The release date of May 10, 2019 will remain intact. Warner Bros is set to be the distributor for all regions outside of Japan and China.

Detective Pikachu will be directed by Rob Letterman and Ryan Reynolds will be voicing Pikachu in the film. Also cast in this movie are Justice Smith (“Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”), and Kathryn Newton (“Big Little Lies”).

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It has been a while since a Pokemon movie had a theatrical release in the U.S. and fans are excited to see this new film on the big screen. This time instead of the classic “Gotta Catch em’ All” premise where you follow Ash and Pikachu, we will be solving a mystery with him instead this time without Ash. According to Variety The story involves the father of Smith’s teenage character being kidnapped, forcing him to team up with Pikachu in order to find him. Newton will portray a journalist.

It seems like an appropriate move since Kids’ WB aired episodes from the original 4Kids Entertainment dub of the Pokémon anime from 1999 until 2006. So in a way it has come around full circle. The company where kids in the U.S. first fell in love with the little yellow mouse like creature will be bringing him back to us yet again. Also good on the writers for keeping Ash out of this one because I can’t be the only one creeped out by the fact he never ages. Plus there is so much more you can do with utilizing the character Pikachu and honestly Ash just holds him back in a monotonous loop of battles and acquiring badges. We all know he’s a badass, lets give the little guy a break and send him on a real adventure.

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