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The Latest Theme Park Reopening Guidelines for California

The golden state of California just released a new set of guidelines for reopening theme parks, like Disneyland and Universal Studios, which have been shuttered for over a year now. Disneyland has been experimenting with smaller-scale ticketed events, like A Touch of Disney, before their full reopening. So far, the experiment seems to be going […]

“Back to the Future” Trilogy Anniversary 4K Release is GORGEOUS

If there’s one iconic film franchise from the 80’s it seems like you readers really love, it’s Robert Zemeckis‘s “Back to the Future” starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. The original film is celebrating a pretty big anniversary this year, the big 3-5! To honor this special milestone, Universal Studios announced this gorgeous 4k […]

Steven Spielberg Used to Hang Out in “Jaws” Ride Orca

Every so often, an afternoon going through YouTube offerings can result in some fabulous gems. Like this awesome interview with Anthony Breznican and the legendary Steven Spielberg in a golf cart riding around the Universal Studios backlot in Burbank. Yeah. Just imagine that for a second- Spielberg drives his own golf cart around the Universal […]