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Japan’s Super Nintendo World Opening Delayed Indefinitely

The Super Nintendo World park included in Universal Studios Japan was supposed to open for summer 2020 originally, when the Olympic tourism season was going to start. But now due to COVID-19, they’ve decided the best move is to delay the opening of the park. Unfortunately that means that we don’t have a firm opening date and that those who were going to travel to Japan to see it(if they could) will have to reschedule.

There were some pictures that were released of the almost completed park that were getting us all very excited. They included everything! Bowser’s Castle, Peach’s Castle, spinning coins, everything you could imagine wanting from a real life big world from Super Mario.

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Image from Super Mario Odyssey

They’ve completed most of the construction but due to the current pandemic they are going to delay in order to put in extra safety measures. Probably more social distancing measures just to be safe.

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Disneyland in Shanghai has already opened to minimal capacity and have put certain measures in place. Their first park day was in May and they haven’t had any reports of anything going wrong.

Meanwhile in the states, Disneyland has delayed their reopening date indefinitely. They are waiting for California to tell them what they need to do. And for the safety of their park goers. Knotts Berry Farm has said that they will not be opening back up this year and Six Flags while it will be opening, will not be operating any rides.

Theme parks are a tricky business amid all of this but eventually we will get back to normal. We just have to have hope that the world will heal itself. And when it does you can bet that a lot of people will be ready to go to experience Super Mario Land.

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