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How to Get More Viewers on Twitch?

The number of social media platforms has been on the increase of late. These will for sure continue increasing as more people become creative and expand their social media interactive platforms. Twitch is one of the newer social media platforms and is owned by Amazon. So, what does Twitch do? What kinds of a social […]

Ninja Returns to Twitch for First Time in a Year, Streams Fortnite

It’s been nearly a year since Ninja departed from Twitch to stream on Microsoft’s Mixer. In August 2019, Ninja signed a reportedly $20 million to $30 million multiyear contract to stream exclusively on Microsoft’s platform. However, Microsoft suddenly announced the closure of Mixer earlier this summer. This left many wondering where Ninja would go next. […]

Pro World of Warcraft Player Byron ‘Reckful’ Bernstein Dies

Another legend has passed. Byron ‘Reckful” Bernstein, pro “World of Warcraft” player and Twitch streamer, has died by suicide. He was 31 years old. Bernstein was best known for his accomplishments in WoW where he maintained a rank 1 spot for six consecutive seasons. He was one of the top WoW players in the world. […]

Twitch Streamer Wakes Up to 200 People Watching Him Sleep

Many years ago people would cure boredom by going outside, playing and sometimes just watching the grass grow. It seems that for many watching things like paint dry, a roomba vacuum the entire house, or even a sleeping twitch streamer is still something that people find comfort in. JesseDStreams fell asleep for 3 hours on […]

Twitch is Having a Massive Pokemon Marathon

Twitch recently announced that starting August 27th at 10am they will be streaming Pokémon! The programming will last months and play into 2019 covering 932 episodes and 16 movies. So snuggle up with your favorite Pokémon plushie and wiggle into your giant Snorlax bean bag chair and get ready for an extended stay in the Pokéverse! The […]

Nerdbot Exclusive Interview with Twitch Partner DreaGeekGirl

Twitch streaming has been around now for about seven years. became open to the public in 2011 and since then has been the dominate site for the online-game-streaming industry. There are many casual Twitch streamers out there who dabble along with those who consider maybe doing it but just don’t know how. Dreageekgirl is […]