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Own the New Rollable LG TV for a Small Fortune- $100k

I’m sure you’ve seen the commericals: an gigantic LG TV that somehow rolls away into itself. It’s the kind of sci-fi futuristic make believe technology we really didn’t think could ever exist. I’m sure there’s some logical explanation as to how a TV can roll into a giant base, but every time I see the […]

Modern Technologies for Improving Cleaning and Disinfection

With the coronavirus pandemic, almost everyone has become a germaphobe and they are finding the most hassle-free ways to disinfect every inch of their house including any other contaminated surfaces. That’s when modern technology becomes your superhero in producing such efficient and effective gadgets that help you stay clean and protected from germs and viruses […]

You’ve Got to See Project Kiwi’s Free-Walking Baby Groot Robot

We seriously can’t get over what an amazing fete of engineering this Baby Groot robot is. The Imagineers at Disney have done it again with this build. Just imagine you’re walking through California Adventure at Disneyland and you see Baby Groot, walking around and interacting with guests. Talk about magic! TechCrunch was able to speak […]

5 Ways Technology Has Made Life Easy for Us

Technology has managed to be a part in every aspect of our life. Modern age could not even imagine what the world would be without technology. With each passing day, technology branches more permanently in our lives.  Our daily routine has been digitised in all the domains. Whether it’s communicating with someone on the edge […]

Proof That Tech Education Is Indispensable

Technology, one of the greatest innovations of our time, and the foundation of the present and future to come, is the building block of our society. Machines, the internet, social media are but a few of the many outcomes since the beginning of the technological era.