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Modern Technologies for Improving Cleaning and Disinfection

With the coronavirus pandemic, almost everyone has become a germaphobe and they are finding the most hassle-free ways to disinfect every inch of their house including any other contaminated surfaces. That’s when modern technology becomes your superhero in producing such efficient and effective gadgets that help you stay clean and protected from germs and viruses in your daily life. For instance, devices like UV sterilizer cabinet use non-toxic and environmentally-friendly UV light to clean and sanitize items such as face masks, retainers, makeup brushes, glasses and more. If you want to invest in more innovative and convenient devices like this in your home or workplace, read below:

Pen Sanitizer

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Pens are the most used and shared objects in the office or even at home. If not taken proper care of, pens can easily spread viruses and germs from one person to another. Therefore, a gadget called Steri-Write can help you disinfect and clean all your pens when someone uses them. There’s a wide narrow opening at the top of it that allows you to throw in the pen and it takes a few seconds to thoroughly sanitize it with UV-C light. It then comes out on a small tray and it’s ready to use without any worries.

Smartphone Sterilizer

Your smartphone could be dirtier than a toilet seat. As you place your smartphone on countless surfaces, you may never know when it’s the carrier of the virus. The researchers say that coronavirus can live on your phone’s surface for three to four days.    

Therefore, Samsung features a white box and as soon as you place your smartphone in, it starts the sterilization and disinfection process by using UV-C light. It takes only ten minutes to remove 99% of germs. It also doubles up as a wireless charger so when you’re disinfecting your phone it also charges it.

Sanitizing Doormat

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Your shoes have infinite germs and bacteria and to prevent them from entering your home, this product called “Shuzon Sanitizing Doormat” will help you. It sanitizes the soles of your shoes at the doorstep. It features two sides. The wet side of the mat releases a disinfectant that kills any harmful pathogens as soon as you step on it while the other side of the mat helps you dry your footwear before entering the home.

Air Purifier

If you want to refresh your home from germs, dust, and bacteria, The Apollo by Smart UV is here to help you. This standing 60-watt UVC lamp can run from 15 to 60 minutes to match your disinfecting needs. It has an effective range of up to 25 feet in diameter that helps purify the air and sanitize contaminated surfaces of harmful bacteria and pathogens. It also automatically shuts off when it reads movement within the radius of 16 feet to protect you, your pets, or any intruders.   

Self-Sanitizing Keyboard

Nowadays almost everyone is working from home due to the pandemic. This innovative gadget called, The Defender, is a must-have for your work-from-home setup. It is encased in a box that kills 99.9% of pathogens on the keyboard with built-in UV-C rays within 90 seconds. It is equipped with a sensor that automatically brings out the keyboard when it detects a hand. It also allows you to select a time for your keyboard to start the self-sanitation process.

Knife Guard

Owing to the pandemic, it’s ideal to sanitize your flatware in addition to just washing them. This can restrict harmful bacteria or viruses from entering your body. Hookee’s Knife Guard is the perfect solution. It is basically a knife block with a built-in heater and UV light emitter that effectively disinfects any knife or flatware stored in it. 

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